First Blog: Here we go…

Back in September of 2016 I applied to and shortly thereafter accepted into the Spring 2017 cohort of Launch Academy. Launch is, as far as I understand, a highly respected, incredibly intense, 5 1/2 month course designed to get you from wherever you find yourself to full on full-stack web developer.¬†They don’t screw around either. Acceptance rates are said to mimic that of Harvard or Yale – 10-15%.

I need this.

I’ve been wanting to get out of my warehouse job for some time now, but was having a hard time deciding what to do. School? No, I dont have the time or the money to invest in 4 years of useless Math and English classes. Oh! How about Creative Design! Nope. I can’t draw. How about Programming? Maybe.

I looked around, found some resources. And by some, I mean a lot. A whole lot. There is,,, you name it.

Business is booming in the tech industry right now, and for a good reason. Everything is going to automation. Your phone was the first to break away, then came adaptive cruise control, then NEST showed up. More and more, we rely on technology to do our most basic and common of tasks. But it’s not just technology, what is underlying all of that?

Programming. We write programs to do it all. It’s really not as hard as it seems either. It’s like learning a new language. Albeit, a very foreign at first language, a highly complex and evolving language, lots of slang and shortcuts and the like. But I like it.

I chose programming because it’s a good fit. I love solving problems, I love thinking logically, I love ordering things and keeping them nice and neat and I love having to constantly adapt to my environment. I don’t want to fill out the same report for my mid-level boss for the next 30 years and hope I have a heart capable of doing some fun stuff when I hit 65 (or 85 depending on social security solvency in the future).

As fate would have it, call it God or the Universe – wants me in this position. The day I was set to walk in and give my boss notice of me leaving we were all brought in a room and told that we were being outsourced, everything was set to shut down and that they were…sorry.

I wasn’t. Not a little bit. Not a lot a bit. I was happy.

They offered Severance Pay, Bonuses, Vacation Time Payouts, the works. None of which I would be leaving with had this not happened. The best part? It all closes down the same week I had originally intended to leave! I couldn’t ask for more and I couldn’t help but think it all meant something.

Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way, in 6 months I will be a full-stack web developer. In 6 months I will know so much more and be so much happier because of it. In 6 months I will look back on this first blog post and wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner.

In the meantime I will be documenting every step of the way from Ignition (Pre-Class Online work) to Graduation and beyond. I will give my own first hand account of what it’s like to go through this, from the material to the stain on your mind and relationships with those around you.

This is going to be the most intense thing I have ever done. I can’t wait.

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