Getting Ready to Code

First things first. Buy a Mac. A Macbook Pro with Retina Display to be exact. I went with a 15″ model but if you like portability over all else, get the 13″. Retina display is a Godsend, seriously. Super sharp picture, you can fit multiple windows on such a small screen and still read it all. Great stuff.

Unless you’re loaded. Doubtful. Get a model 1-3 years old off Amazon. Use your head to make sure it’s from a reputable source but doing this will allow you to spec out your mac at a price equivalent to that of the current years lowest spec’d model. You do the math, I’ll wait.

Got that? Great moving on.

Let’s install some programs and extensions. Let’s start with extensions.

f.lux – Just Do It. This thing is great. Set your location and some other specs and it will automatically adjust the color of your display to filter out blue light to a greater degree as it gets closer to bedtime. If you don’t know – Blue light messes with your circadian rhythm which basically means if you’re up late coding or gaming, chances are you’re not sleeping well. Stop that nonsense and get your z’s.

Shiftit – Resize with Speed – Nifty little hotkey app that will allow you to quickly reposition programs on your screen. I like to throw my Atom editor to the right half and CMD to the Left half. Super fast and easy to use. Customizable of course.

RDM – Clarity is King – Some whizz kid on reddit made this to adjust the resolution of your Retina Display MacBook Pro. Because if you’re going to spend an obscene amount of money on a hipster machine it better look the way you want it to. Scale up, Scale down, hell Scale All around. Get it and thank me later.

Atom – Text Editor of the Gods – I was using Sublime Text Edit before Launch started but they requested we use this so I gave it a whirl, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Sublime. Multiple tabs makes it easy to move back and forth between projects and of course all the color coding your heart desires!

iTerm – I CMD you – Mac CMD line replacement. You’ll be spending so much time in here, just get it. I like it better than stock mac terminal plus it has a cool name.

After all that get your Ruby Gems and you’re off the races. Go get ’em for the gipper!

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