Ignition: Week 1

That wasn’t so hard, no was it?

Not really, no. So far it has been a really enjoyable experience. I see things ramping up for sure but for now, it’s nice.

We set up our Dev Environment which mostly consisted of installing things that were mentioned in my last blog post. Also, getting the ET system set up, which is what we use to download and upload assignments to and from the Launch Academy servers.

So far, help was there when we needed it and the cohort seems to be pretty well rounded. There has been a good amount of collaboration and help on the Slack channels (What we use to communicate with ourselves and Staff).

The full weeks lesson plan including Assignments (graded), Challenges (not graded) and learning materials consisting of both video and articles are released every Monday morning at around 9am. We have until Sunday night of that week to submit our Assignments (maybe 4-6 assignments nothing crazy) to be graded by staff later that week.

Launch says to expect 8-10 hrs of work to be average. I have probably exceeded that but it was my own choice. The material isn’t too hard yet so whenever I found myself faced with a problem or concept that wasn’t completely clear to me I would go off on a rabbit trail and hopefully come back with a better understanding.

I signed up for Team Tree House and am currently working through the Ruby track as my coding experience before Launch consisted of limited amounts of HTML/CSS and Javascript. I really want to develop my Javascript and Ruby skills before I even set foot on campus, and with my work life winding down I will likely have a good deal of free time available to do just that.

Consensus looks like people finished the week’s work by about Friday night, some people lagged behind because of other commitments and a few ran into challenges with installing software and getting ET to work. I was finished by Thursday night and will now continue working through Team Tree House Ruby Track until assignments for next week are released.

Check out these resources:

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