Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me that which I desire…

In exactly 18 days I will be out of the job. Terminated. As will everyone I work with. Damn.

I am not sorry for myself, nor am I sorry for my coworkers. I am not dreading the prospect of having no income for the near future nor am I pessimistic of what the future holds. I am seriously energized, ambitious and eagerly awaiting what will likely be an extremely exciting adventure that will test me in more ways than I can imagine. I am going to be a Web Developer.


          So what gives? Well, I’ll tell you and despite the fact that it’s pretty deep, like philosophical conversations in college deep, it’s surprisingly simple. I found something I can both excel in and enjoy on a very deep level.


          This is really at the heart of what this blog is about to be honest. As much as it’s about documenting my experiences, and it is, it’s more about finding what drives you and putting yourself in the best possible situation to succeed. I want to succeed, and I want you to as well – so use this blog as a resource, to whatever degree suits you, to advance yourself in your own career.

          For me, I am a very creative person and I always have been – I like building things. I am a musician, I’ve been playing since I was 16 and I’m now pushing 30. I’ve dabbled in filmmaking, and now blog posting. So for me, coding is, in all seriousness, a perfect fit. I get the creative potential of a more design/front-end dev position as well as building systems, databases and organizing it all (which plays to me sometimes neurotic tendencies for order).

          What about you? And this is very important. I can not stress this enough, after having seen the affects on those who have gone through it – Do Not Get A Job. Do Not Work For Money. DO NOT DO IT. DON’T.

          I know that we are sometimes led to believe that the “Dream Job” is actually very elusive and impractical, but what about the alternative? What about looking back after 30 years and realizing you have nothing to show for yourself. That you didn’t do anything to build something for YOURSELF but instead spent your life working like a dog to erect SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAMS. Frankly, Fuck that.


          Life is too short – Cliche? Of Course. But that’s because it’s true. You want to avoid depression? Go spend half your day doing something you enjoy doing and look forward to each morning. Want to receive accolades and respect from your peers? Success is the best way, and the best way to be successful is to strive towards something you are passionate about.

          I do not like broccoli. Seriously, I don’t. You will never find me stuffing my face full of green beanie baby stuffing. Never. I will never strive to be a broccoli aficionado. Don’t let yourself work at a broccoli job. Get yourself a career. Get yourself some of that Chocolate Cake Career and call it a day. Happy Hunting Friends.

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