Ready for Blast Off!

Note: I have had next to zero time available for blogging since starting the On-Campus portion of Launch Academy. As such, this is written ‘3.10.17’

The time has come, this is it. Tomorrow (3.6.17) I will be my first day of classes at Launch Academy (On-Campus). For the past 8 Weeks I have been juggling the commitments that life offers along with need to develop a working knowledge of a variety of topics.

I have come a long way, actually. I say actually because I did not think I would be learning as much as I have in these last 2 month. At times it felt daunting and at times I questioned whether the teaching formula put forward was as effective as it could be. At times I nervously flailed around, throw my hands up, declaring “There is no way! I’m never going to get all this done by Sunday! What are they thinking giving us all this work!” And yet, all assignments were turned in by Sunday, sometimes earlier and every week my understanding of programming as a whole continued to grow past the elastic bounds that I had previously put up.

I have gone from a rudimentary understanding of HTML/CSS and Javascript to having a working knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript/Ruby and now Unit Testing! This was all managed while juggling a full-time job and a social life (albeit dwindling). When I look at my knowledge base as it stands now compared to when I started Ignition, I can’t help but be hopeful and energized for all of my future learning to occur over the next 10 weeks.

This past week has been, admittedly, very stressful on me. I have been trying to tie up all loose ends here at home before classes start so that I can focus on my learning alone but it hasn’t been easy. I would recommend to anyone venturing into a bootcamp to do the same, settle all of your affairs and free yourself of as many obligations as possible before starting classes, this way you will be able to devote yourself fully to a complete overhaul of your way of life and set yourself up for the greatest amount of success possible.


I am expecting to forget what it means to communicate with other humans by the time I am graduated from Launch. The sheer amount of work and study needed to succeed could exceed even my own inflated expectations. I expect to be waking up earlier than I normally do and going to sleep later than I normally do.

At times, I expect to be brought low – unsure in my own abilities, strengths and directions. Make no mistake, Launch Academy is a Bootcamp. They are not here to hold anyones hand – although they might if you ask them (For $15,000 I would hope for at least a hug). Nevertheless, this is a program that is specifically designed to cram as much practical knowledge into your head in as little time as possible. On top of this is the way in which they approach the task of teaching you all of this material – They make you uncomfortable. The workload is intended to force your mind into a solution. I don’t normally like the feeling of being overwhelmed but the prospect of overcoming what would seem to be insurmountable is quite appealing.

What I hope to Accomplish:

It probably goes without saying that I want a job – a nice one at that.For me going to Launch Academy is less about the Dev job at the end of the tunnel and more about internal validation that comes from digging deep and knowing beyond all doubt that you accomplished something very difficult that pushed you to new boundaries. Yes, I want a sweet cushy job, the type with bean bags and happy hours – A job that pays well and offers me the flexibility to live the life that I want. Yes, this would be amazing but it is not enough by itself.

I want growth. When I graduate, and I say when, I want to see a large leap in understanding from when I started to where I find myself on graduation day. I want to develop a deep rooted understanding of some key concepts and languages. In specific geek-speak, I want to have a super ultra mega good understanding of Javascript above all the others. I say this because, from my current understanding, I just see so much potential growth in anything tied to Javascript. Outside of Javascript I want to walk away with a solid understanding of HTML/CSS/Ruby/React/Testing and Pair Programming. I feel that this base of knowledge will really propel my career in a big way.

In Summary: 

I am about to embark on a very intense 10 week voyage. When I pop up on the other side I expect to be doing so with my head held high while I field job offers from Google, Netflix and Paypal. Well, maybe not that crazy, but a man can dream can’t he? 

If you have followed me thus far on this journey I want to thank you and encourage you to do your own research, much like I did, before making this kind of a commitment. Attending a bootcamp is no joke. Unless you have millions to throw around, this is not something you just do for fun. I am committed until the end and fully intend to succeed in ways unparalleled to previous successes I have had in life.

So, buckle up and nestle into your seat because things are just NOW about to get craaaaazy.


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