Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Developers

Best Chrome Extensions

ColorPick Eyedropper – This thing is great if you need to grab a specific color on the fly for your CSS. Simply click on extension toggle at the top of your browser and then click on whatever color in your browser you need the hex code for. It will then display the hex code for you to copy and paste into your editor of choice!

LiveReload – This useful little app will automatically update the page you are working on once you save it in your editor. It may not seem like much, but it eliminates a lot of unnecessary clicking and saving.

Palettab – This is a useful app that will replace your homepage in Chrome to display different fonts, with examples and links to the actual text that you can import into your text editor.

React Developer Tools – It kind of goes without saying that if you are working with React you should be using this tool. Much like opening up the console in your browser will aid you when working with Javascript, this tool is going to help you alot if your app is React focused.

Super Simple Highlighter – I guess this is something that is more useful for students, especially as you are going through a Bootcamp. There is going to be a lot of information thrown at you, it is important that you are able to reference it later on when necessary. Simply click on the toggle, and highlight what you need and it will be there when you come back to the page.

Web Developer – This just adds more functionality and tools to your bag of tricks. You can now explore your applications in a little more depth. The more the better!

Responsive Web Design – This is going to help you with scaling issues, if you run into them. There is nothing worse than having your site look amazing on a desktop and then go completely bonkers when viewed on mobile.

Lorem Ipsum Generator – This is nice if you need to get some quick text to populate your site for testing purposes.

F.lux – I’m sure you have heard about the affect blue light can have on your sleep cycle but did you know that blue light, itself, is harmful to your eyes? F.lux solves this by filtering out blue light as you get closer to bedtime and based on your personal schedule. This is invaluable to me, I can’t remember what it was like before using f.lux!

JSONview – If you work with API’s you know that reading JSON’s can be irritating because of how it is presents. JSONview fixes that by presenting it in a way, you know, a human can read.

There you have it, my top 10 favorite Chrome Extensions for Web Developers. As you move further in your Dev career you will pick up new ones and likely drop some old ones. It’s important to have a solid bag of tricks you can employ at any given time to make yourself a lean mean coding machine.

I will say this though, as useful as it may be to have extensions like these, knowing how to use them effectively is more important. So use them, and use them often. Get familiar with how they work and ways in which you can use them to make yourself more efficient. Happy coding friends!


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