About Me

Thanks for visiting, my name is Mike and I started this blog to document my dramatic career shift from working in a warehouse to becoming a web developer.

For the past few years I have been seeking out a new career to invest myself in and when I discovered coding it felt like a perfect match. Coming from a creative background in music and film, I have found that coding allows me to come up with unique ways to solve problems – I love this aspect of the field.

When devoting what little free-time I had wasn’t enough, I sought out an alternative. That’s when I learned about coding bootcamps. So, I did my research and decided on Launch Academy. I applied and shortly thereafter, accepted.

I started this blog because, as someone who craves deeper understanding, I found the testimonials and reviews of bootcamps in general to be rather sparse. So I set out to document the entire experience from start to finish and have been loving every bit of it thus far.

I have now graduated, back in Western Massachusetts (Springfield) and am currently seeking a full-time position at a mission driven company that values mentorship, collaboration and creative learning. While on the hunt, I am continuing to refine my skills and acquire new ones.



Resume available upon request