Let’s Jam

Let’s Jam was both the final project I worked on while at Launch Academy as well as being the first solo project I completed. I was finally able to toy around with a lot of different technologies that I had been wanting to get more exposure to.


The project itself is designed to be a meetup app of sorts for musical teachers and students. Users are able to designate themselves as either a Teacher or Student and then will be able to view different content depending on that designation. This is a front-end heavy application – I intended to create something pleasing to use and view.

Main Features:

  • Authentication with Devise
  • 2 Types of Users created utilizing a self-join on the User model
  • Custom SASS Styling
  • Foundation for Grid Structure
  • jQuery
  • Front End done almost entirely in React
  • Backend is Rails
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Immediate rendering of booked lessons reflected on both User’s account pages.


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